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Twelfth Doctor Interview [Season 2 - Episode 21]

July 26th, 2015

Twelfth Doctor Interview
[Episode 21]

In This Episode Of Real Rap…

The good Doctor made a pit stop into the Real Rap universe. Our conversation started in the womb of Hip Hop to today’s landscape of Hip Hop…

Buy Now Or Pay Later [Season 2 - Episode 20]

July 19th, 2015


Buy Now Or Pay Later

[Episode 20]

In This Episode Of Real Rap…

Even “Free Beats” has a price tag to them… You’re downloading them on credit. Later down the line, you will have to pay the Producer.

You Spammers [Season 2 - Episode 19]

July 12th, 2015

You Spammers
[Episode 19]

In This Episode Of Real Rap…

You People!!! I will beat this drum until you listen. STOP SPAMMING, IT’S NOT A PROFESSIONAL LOOK…!!! BAH!!!

ShowCase Judges [Season 2 - Episode 18]

July 5th, 2015


ShowCase Judges
[Episode 18]

In This Episode Of Real Rap…

A Lot Of These So-Called Hip Hop Producer “Judges” Are Idiots. A Production Showcase is good place to network but beware of the price tag associated with it…